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Cheap Spas near me

Steep yourself in holistic whole body rejuvenation.

Those Scandinavians knew what they were doing. If you’ve never been to a classic Nordic Spa we are happy to lead you to bliss. Spafinder Wellness 365 has curated the best of the best in Canada so you can indulge from Montreal to Whistler. It’s all based on a circuit of thermal baths that take your body through a complete cleansing and physical conditioning. And because you are moving between steam baths and cold pools, improved blood circulation is one of the major benefits. We also love that these spectacular spas are often found immersed in epic natural environments. So think of it as the ultimate winter warm-up…Perfect for the après-skier, or the “I’ll spa while you ski” set. And yes, this invigorating day spa experience can be had year-round. Get ready to take hydrotherapy to a holistic new level.

Know Before You Go

1. The first stop on the Nordic Spa circuit is usually a dry sauna or steam bath, which raises your body temperature to dilate pores and flush out toxins. 2. Next stage of this water therapy involves a cold shower, or a very chilly dip in a sub-zero pool. Grin and bear it…we swear it’s good for you! 3. To get the most out of this hyper hydrotherapy experience, repeat the hot, cold sequence three or four times before tucking in to a cozy relaxation room.

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