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Cheap Spa Day North East

12 Top Hotel Spas in Northeast USA

2016-07-10-1468188226-5456736-LodgeAtWoodlochHawleyPA.jpgLet there be peace on earth, and let it begin with your own peace of mind.

If there was ever a time for Taking the Cure - it's now. With humankind seemingly spinning out of control, isn't it tempting just to wrap yourself in a terrycloth robe and pretend the world is one, if only for a few days? The following Destination Spas and Hotels with On-Site Spas, offering a selection of treatments, professional staff, and a cozy room at the end of the day, are the best of the best in the Northeast USA.

2016-07-10-1468188262-8331122-HersheyHotelHersheyPA.jpg1. Lodge at Woodloch, Hawley PA: A perennial crowd favorite, and the only true Destination Spa Hotel on this list, the acclaimed Lodge at Woodloch redefines what is typically a restrictive Spa Experience and makes it their opulent own. You can take advantage of each and every hard-core workout class, yes. But you can also walk meditatively around the newly paved outdoor Labyrinth, sooth your bones in a Restorative Yoga Class, or do nothing but sit by the fire in the stately Library and read. Your choice.2016-07-10-1468188320-9335501-DogSpaNemacolinResortPA.jpg Alcohol is permitted (though wine and drinks are not included in the "all inclusive" price), and the excellent foodie-approved cuisine is far, far from rabbit food. Though spa treatments cost extra, you'll want to book at least one (or really, more) treatments during your stay. Start with a swim in the indoor pool, or a quick shvitz in the steam or dry sauna, before succumbing to the pleasures of the 80-minute exfoliating and moisturizing Mud and Suds Body Treatment that incorporates Dogfish Head hops and barley. Yes, you will smell like a brewski when you hop off the table, and that's a good thing. Even better, instead of a glass of water, your massage therapist awaits outside your treatment room bearing a cold glass of Dogfish Head IPA. No wonder this massage is popular with dudes.


2. Hershey Hotel and Spa, Hershey PA: Philanthropist Milton Hershey put 600 people to work during the Great Depression in 1933 to build this marquee hotel, a leading light of hospitality in those dark times. Though a bit bland on the outside, the interior, particularly the colorful Moorish Fountain Lobby (designed like the Heliopolis Hotel in Egypt), and The Circular Dining Room, are still magnificent. In the raved about Spa, luxuriate in a 15 minute patented Whipped Hot Cocoa Bath ($50). Awarded a U.S. patent in 2001, it's an experience comparable to sitting in a cup of hot chocolate and the spa's most popular treatment. There are dozens of indulgences, including an "edible facial". Leave it to the folks at Hershey to come up with all kind of ways to be immersed in the sweet stuff; dipped like fondue, wrapped like a burrito and submerged - all without ingesting a single calorie!

2016-07-10-1468188391-6462541-MoutainTopResortandSpaVT.jpg 2016-07-10-1468188422-7106927-ButtermilkFallsInnandSpaMiltonNY.jpg 2016-07-10-1468188589-9877985-SannoSpaSaybrookPointInnandSpa.jpg 2016-07-10-1468188624-5575096-InnbytheSeaSpaCapeElizabethME.jpg

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