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Cheap Spa breaks for Couples

Discount Packages at Albuquerque Spas

Enjoy deals at spas in Albuqerque with Spa Vacation PackagesCome to the serene Southwest to relax your body, renew your mind and recharge your spirit with one of our unforgettable spa vacation packages - great for couples, individuals and groups. Treat yourself to a luxurious spa retreat at the one of Albuquerque’s premier spas.

Spa Vacation Packages Offered:
Whether you’re looking for Albuquerque couples’ spa packages or planning a relaxing day with the girls, Albuquerque has just the thing for you.

Packages: Spa

Add a treatment to your stay! Our Spa for Your Senses package includes a cooked-to-order breakfast, Nightly Manager's Reception*, and your choice of ...

Take time out of your hectic life to relax and rejuvenate! Enjoy a 30 minute private hot tub soak in a peaceful outdoor garden area at Betty’s Bath ...

Broadway Skin & Body Retreat offers guests an ultimate relaxation and pampering experience! Choose from a variety of services at the lovely spa ...

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