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Spa day Deals for Couples

Perfect Couples Spa Day in Bangkok

spa day in BangkokDuring our December trip, Eric found a fabulous day spa in Bangkok close to our apartment rental. in the Silom Road area offers simply the best couples massage in Bangkok. When we booked our apartment for this stay, I was thrilled to be within walking distance of what I now consider my absolute favorite spa in Bangkok.

Dahra Spa is a little oasis in the bustling city. It is unbelievably serene, well appointed, and not that much more expensive than the cheap-o Bangkok massage places, with lines of chairs for foot massages in the window, and bored massage girls playing on their phones waiting for customers.

No, Dahra Spa is heavenly in comparison. We’ve done a few Thai massages there, and a foot massage in a quiet little room that allowed us to take a nap while getting a foot massage. It was like multitasking.

How to Book a Couples Masage in Bangkok

Just before leaving, though, we wanted to splurge on a full spa day in Bangkok, and knew Dahra was the way to go. They offer amazing deals if you book on the . And, I swear they are not paying me to say any of this. Their half day spa package was 50% off, and other treatments booked online were 20% off.

When we arrived just as the spa was opening, we were walked through our choices for our 3 hour and 45 minute spa day in Bangkok, including scrub, wrap, and facial. The choices were diverse, and we walked through the choices with the receptionist based on our skin types, the fact that we were hungover. You know, the usual.

We walked upstairs to the couples room to begin the treatment. We each put on the little spa panties, and they were, honestly, the best spa panties I ever used. And, I have worn a lot of spa panties.

How to Enjoy a Couples Massage in Bangkok


After a traditional Thai herbal compress, we moved onto our scrubs. I choose a coffee scrub, which was mixed with salt to rid the body of toxins. I thought this was a good idea after our evening out with Brock and Jennifer at . Nothing like showing up for a treatment like this slightly hungover, but I am sure I am not the only person who has arrived for a spa day in Bangkok, of all cities, after a late night out.

couples massage BangkokEric chose the sea coconut scrub to combat dry skin. We both smelled fabulous after the spend a good amount of time rubbing the scrubs all over our bodies. At the end, we were told to take a shower to clean off the scrub. After a new pair of spa panties, we laid back down on the tables for a wrap. Eric paused on the way back to give me a little kiss on the forehead, so romantic he is.

Neither of has had ever had a spa wrap before, so I was not sure what to expect. I chose the black sesame seed wrap to smooth and moisten the skin. Eric chose the licorice wrap, which restores damaged and inflamed skin. We each laid down on plastic wrap covered tables, Dexter style, and they started to rub the product all over.

A few short minutes later they wrapped us up, like a couple of burritos. They pulled the sides of the plastic wrap over us, and placed another layer on the top, covered us in a large towel, and then wrapped some heavy blanket around us, until we each looked like mummies. Just after the women left the room I said to Eric “Well, this is new.” I wish I had a photo to share, but there was no way to escape. And, therein lies the problem.

I am naturally fidgety, always have been. It is one of the reasons why mediation is super hard for me. When they wrapped us up I tried a little mind over matter. I don’t think I had ever lasted this long without moving. I was able to survive for most of the thirty minutes by catching a bit of a snooze. Eric fell asleep as well and I could hear a light snore coming from his massage table just as I woke up.

Within a minute or two after waking I realized I could not stay plastic wrapped much longer. We chatted a bit, Eric saying he felt like a “glazed donut.” I felt a bit of anxiety. I had not moved a millimeter the entire time. I stretched my fingers out. I stretched my toes. It was like I opened the floodgates of movement, resulting in a freak out of sorts.

I bent my knees to release my back, which distorted the blanket and wrap, and like a butterfly from a cocoon, I sort of exploded myself out of the wrap. When my massage lady returned, she sort of looked at me all disheveled and said “oh, ok.” I informed her it was just a bit too long for me. In the end, I lasted about 25 minutes before freaking out, but I was pleased to move onto the next stage.

But, first a shower, our second of the treatment. Man, I had scrub and black sesame seeds all over, and I mean ALL over. It took some time. On with another pair of spa panties, and for the next stage, a rejuvenating oil massage, which was heavenly. After I just had to rinse the oil off. I felt as though I would have turned into a fried chicken if I walked out in the Bangkok sun with all of that oil.

After our third shower of the spa day, and back into our street clothes, we were escorted downstairs to the facial room. Eric’s massage lady was joking that she deserved a big tip because Eric had such a big body. I was not sure how I felt about that comment after she had just spent close to three hours working on Eric in his tiny little spa panties. When I mentioned this later to Eric he just smiled and shrugged his shoulders.

When it came time for the facial, Eric went Asian with a green tea facial, while I chose the “desincrusting facial” to extract impurities from the skin. It was lovely and refreshing, but my body was starting to cry out. I had just spent too long laying down in the middle of the day. Perhaps it is not normal to spend close to four hours getting treatments during a spa day in Bangkok, but I am so glad we had the experience at Dahra Spa.

The Perfect Spa Day in Bangkok?

Was it the perfect couples spa day in Bangkok? I never anticipated it would be the cheesy, romantic couples experience. We are just not like that. For us, Dahra Spa was perfect, because we had some lovely spa treatments, and had fun and laughs. Even with my fidgety wrap disaster, it was money well spent.

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