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Halloween is old news. After tonight - save the odd wayward rocket - Fireworks Night will have been forgotten. The real event this week is National Spa Week, organised by the UK Spa Association to highlight the lasting health benefits of regular spa visits.

Here at Wahanda, we’re well aware of said benefits and rather partial to the odd spa day, so to help highlight the benefits of spa-going we thought we’d recommend a few of our favourites...

For health boosting

Recent years have seen health-boosting practises like yoga, meditation, clean eating and juicing become a much bigger part of our daily lives. In addition, the growing number of apps, blogs and raw food bars are making it easier for us all to feel a bit more like Gwyneth Paltrow (even if we don't share her enviable bank balance).

The Cotswolds Juice Retreat is a beautiful, traditional country house in Gloucestershire, which offers a cleansing six-day juicing retreat, yoga and a range of holistic treatments including reflexology, energy therapy and ear candling. Possibly the most relaxing way to detox we've ever come across.

For getting back to nature

One of the oldest spa practices in history, a visit to some healing hot springs is relaxing, sociable and provides plenty of health benefits. Unfortunately, hot springs are few and far between here in the UK, but the oldest spa experience in the world is still alive in the city of Bath. The ancient Roman baths in this picturesque part of Somerset make for a wonderful day out and the Thermae Spa provides the opportunity to relax in the only natural thermal waters in Britain. Just don’t forget your swimsuit.

For fitness

While for most of us, the idea of a spa escape will conjure images of scented candles, soothing treatments and steamy saunas, there are a few who find relaxation and escape in physical exercise. For active spa-goers looking for something to push them to their limits and leave them feeling energised, we recommend Brothers Bootcamp. Located in Staffordshire, this bootcamp retreat offers all the motivation, advice and instruction you need to meet your fitness goals. Whether that means weight loss, strength building or just overall wellbeing, prepare to sweat. A lot.

For something a little different…

One of the biggest (and perhaps strangest) spa and wellbeing trends to emerge of late is anti-gravity experiences. A slightly unusual way to relax, anti-gravity yoga is quickly growing in popularity, as are weightless floatation tanks and pools. Known to reduce stress, chronic pain, swelling and insomnia, as well as lowering blood pressure and improving skin condition, an hour in a floatation tank or pod is certainly a unique experience. The spa at Ockenden Manor Hotel in West Sussex offer a number of days and breaks that allow full use of all facilities, including the floatation room. Lie back and let your troubles float away.

For a city break with a difference

National Spa Week is all about promoting the wellbeing benefits of spa-going, but retreating to the country for some much needed R&R isn’t always possible (especially if you live in the city). Thank goodness for the likes of Lifehouse Spa in Essex (only 80 minutes from London but set within 130 acres of grounds) and Grayshott Spa in Surrey (also commuting distance from the capital, yet somehow worlds away), which provide the opportunity to get away from the Big Smoke and be back in time for dinner.

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