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Dublin City Breaks | Cheap Breaks to Dublin

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With gorgeous Georgian architecture, charming pubs, and picturesque beaches, it’s easy to fall in love with this enchanting city. Book a cheap city break in Dublin with us and see for yourself why one trip just isn’t enough.


Whisky has been made in Ireland since the 7th century, with over 1000 distilleries flourishing here by the 18th Century. Only a small amount of distilleries exist today, however, they are held in high regard and are a must-visit on any Dublin city break.

Old Jameson Whisky is famous worldwide and at their distillery here you can take a tour and learn more about the traditional brewing process.

Museums and Galleries

Dublin has a fantastic range of museums and galleries that all the family can enjoy. The National Gallery of Ireland contains over 2.500 paintings, including famous works by Van Gogh, Picasso, and Monet. Other parts of the collection include various sculptures, prints, and drawings, allowing you to spend a whole afternoon here.

Equally as impressive, is the National Museum of Ireland on Kildare Street which contains a fine collection of Celtic and Medieval art, including the Tara Brooch, the Ardagh Chalice, and the Derrynaflan Hoard.

Irish Folk Music

Irish music has been popularised around the world by chart-topping bands such as The Pogues and The Dubliners but it’s in the local pubs that it’s most at home. The Cobblestone on North King Street is one of the best places to catch some fine traditional music, they also serve a great range of craft beers.

The Brazen Head on Bridge Street is another good venue for Irish folk music, with something on most nights. Famous guests here over the years have included Van Morrison and Tom Jones and the pub was even featured in a Garth Brooks’ music video, Name Song.


Beaches aren’t perhaps the first thing that spring to mind when you think of a Dublin holiday but there are lots of picturesque ones here to suit everyone.

Just a few miles from Dublin City Centre is Skerries, a picturesque seaside town famous for its fishing and the traditional music festival held here each year.

South of Dublin is Killney, a coastal village with great views and home to some of Ireland’s rich and famous, including Van Morrison, Bono, and Enya.

Literary Dublin

Dublin became a UNESCO City of Literature in 2010 in recognition of its rich literary history. Distinguished writers such as George Bernard Shaw, Oscar Wilde, Samuel Beckett, and author of Dracula, Bram Stoker were all from the city. James Joyce set many of his greatest novels here, including Ulysses and Dubliners, depicting places you can still visit today.

Dublin Castle is another must-visit during your stay here. Established in 1204 AD by King John, it contains a lavish throne room, dining room, and bedrooms that can be seen during your visit.

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