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Park Plaza Waterloo

SNP MP Angus MacNeil alleged to have claimed £16,665 in hotel expenses during fling with journalist

Serena CowdyTwitter Serena Cowdy

An MP claimed £16, 665 in hotel expenses during a fling with a writer, it is alleged.

Former actress Serena Cowdy, 36, is said to have had a fling with married Angus MacNeil, 45, and his 53-year-old colleague Stewart Hosie – who she is now in a relationship with.

And it is alleged she romped with Mr MacNeil while he claimed £16, 665 on hotel room expenses – a bill picked up by the taxpayer.

The journalist at the centre of the alleged love triangle has described SNP MPs as romantic revolutionaries, a source revealed.

Freelance political journalist Serena told in her blog how she stalked Westminster’s corridors and came across MPs “who are actually doing quite a lot of good”.

She added: “Sure, there are some idiots and scoundrels. Just like there are in the population at large.”

STEWART HOSIE winner of Dundee East with wife and Scottish Minister SHONA ROBISONRead more: 2 MPs accused of affairs with same blonde journalist

She allegedly had a fling last year with Commons Environment Committee chairman Mr MacNeil and the source claimed one of her favourite spots was the Plaza hotel in Waterloo, South London.

Independent Parliamentary ­Standards Authority records reveal that of the £16, 665 he claimed on expenses, around £3, 000 was for visits there.


Stewart Hosie and his wife

The source added: “Since starting work in Parliament, Serena has this thing about the SNP being like the Mujahideen.

She was having an affair with Angus MacNeil during the Scottish independence referendum campaign and boasted that when he was on TV talking about it, she’s texted him and he’d looked at his phone.

“He used to take her to the Park Plaza hotel in Waterloo for the night. Now she’s with Stewart Hosie and has been for some time and it’s very serious.”

Mr Hosie announced on Sunday he was splitting from wife Shona Robison, 45, SNP Cabinet Secretary for Health,
Wellbeing and Sport. The source added: “I heard things had been difficult between Stewart and Angus because they’d both had the same girlfriend and that there have been cross words between them.

“Surely MPs are paid to represent their constituents not ­gallivant around London having affairs with the same woman?”

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