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Weekend in London: a few ways to spend money profitably

Posted on May 10, 2020 – 05:58 am

Traveling with a solid budget is always a pleasure, especially if you are planning to spend a weekend in one of the most expensive cities in the world. Since London is one of the world fashion capitals, local boutiques will be able to conquer even the most sophisticated shopaholic. The most famous shopping street in London - Oxford Street - will meet you with many boutiques, but a traveler with a tight wallet is not suitable for crowding in a street. The best option for you is to look into the world famous Harrods department store. There are boutiques of the most famous world brands, and restaurants, and places for recreation. After tedious and wasteful shopping, you can relax in the spa, where you can quickly recover.

Men during their visit simply do not have the right to bypass the legendary Savile Row, filled with centenary tailoring ateliers. You can order here for yourself a personal suit, made according to all your wishes or buy best mens church suits.

An evening meal is one of the main components of your trip. Dinner in a luxurious Michelin-starred restaurant will perfectly complement your weekend and allow you to not only enjoy delicious English dishes, but also see how the British aristocracy is resting.

If an ordinary tourist who came to London, in search of a panoramic view of the city, goes to the London Eye, The Shard or Sky Garden, a traveler with an unlimited budget can afford much more: look at the capital from a bird's-eye view, or rather, from a helicopter's flight height.

“5 o'clock tea” is the most famous and still respected tradition in Britain. Every respected traveler should drink afternoon tea in one of the best institutions in the capital, especially if your budget is not limited and you can afford such a luxury.

Photo by Andre Hunter on Unsplash

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