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Massage Salon, London

Massages | Gina Conway Aveda Salons and Spas

The Ritz Salon in Piccadilly

Using the powerful energy of hand-crafted marble stones, therapists infuse the oils of Sage, Cedar & Sweetgrass into your body to purify, harmonise and cleanse your being into a more meditative state. Working to detoxify the body and mind, this treatment is bound to melt you into a deep level of wellness & restoration. + §

A balancing, customised massage working to bring your mind, body & soul into harmony. After a thorough consultation, your massage is designed to give you a bespoke treatment to gently restore you entirely using many therapeutic techniques. + § ‡

This massage allows you to lay on your tummy, cradled comfortably with specially designed pillows that mould to the shape of your body, assisting in spinal alignment and relieving aches in the muscles or bones. Designed for a feeling of weightlessness, this massage is perfect for lower back pain and essential for mums to be! + § ‡

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