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Paying exorbitant prices to get ultra-basic massages in uninspiring surroundings?

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Almost everyone likes massages and treating themselves to a spa day. Hardly anyone likes to pay for them. It seems a little extreme to pay $150 to $200 for a 50-minute treatment. After all, the spa rubbed you down with oil, not liquid gold. Believe it or not, there’s a better way to get your relaxation on—and actually enjoy it, too. Its called spa hacking, or more specifically, using your travel savvy to find the best possible deals on treatments anywhere and everywhere on the planet. We’ll start you off by sharing five top spas that offer incredible deals on everything from massages to body wraps to milk baths. Compare their prices with the average five star resort and you’ll never feel like you’re paying too much again. One word of advice: Don’t forget to tip your therapist. Big. It’s good karma—and they deserve it. Aruba, Manchebo Resort and Spa Get a variety of treatments at an outdoor gazebo with sounds of the Caribbean surf in the background. Specials at this Aruba spa haven run as low as $35 and offer full access to the spa’s eucalyptus-scented steam room, whirlpool and long stretch of beach. Butlers will serve you cocktails. The sun is always shining. You may never leave. Quebec, Spa Eastman Facial, anti-aging and full-body massages can run as low at $100 at this classy hotel in Canada’s largest province. Guests can also enjoy a polar bath, igloo shower and infared sauna in Eastman’s thermal zone both before and after appointments. What’s an igloo shower? There’s only one way to find out. Bermuda, Grotto Bay Beach Resort Ever had a spa treatment in a 500, 000-year-old cave? No, probably not. Go to Grotto Bay. The beachside hotel offers more than 20 treatments starting as low as $45. And for $20 extra, guests can have their massage in the Serenity Cave under a beautiful array of stalagmites and stalactites. Couples and friends can canoe across the cave’s crystal blue grotto, take a refreshing dip or enjoy a rum cocktail while touring the centuries-old surroundings. South Africa, Fordoun Hotel, Spa and Resort All you need to know is that Fordoun’s most expensive spa treatment is R680, or $67. This South African jewel offers body wraps, milk baths and yoga sessions at bargain prices. Try out their full gymnasium for private workouts or take a rustic, mountainside walk to check out their famous gardens. End the day at the bar with a refreshing beverage. Las Vegas, MGM Grand Stressed about all that money you lost at the tables? No worries, pay $25 for a daily spa pass at the Grand Spa and Health Club. Walk around in a bathrobe, sit in the steam room or relax by a whirlpool. Enjoy sweet fruit juices from the bar and pay another $20 for a Vitamin C shower in one of the facility’s world-renowned Stay Well rooms. OK, now get back out there. You’re rested up and ready to win your money back. Don’t have the money to spend traveling the world to find cheap spas? There are many luxury spas in the US that have inexpensive day passes that allow you to experience a spa and the beautiful resort surroundings. Just make sure to check out the spa's details before you go. What are you’re spa hacking secrets? Featured Products EC Adventure 4-Wheeled 22 Sandman Travel Pillow Sandman Eye Shade Related Links Best Beaches in America You’ve Never Heard Of Cheap Travel: Save Money When Planning a Trip Top Packing Tips and Advice for Women

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