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North East Spa Breaks

Spa Vacations in Northeast

Massages and other relaxing activities are part of spa vacations.Massages and other relaxing activities are part of spa vacations. (Photo: Jupiterimages/BananaStock/Getty Images )

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If a vacation is meant to be relaxing, then a spa vacation must be the ultimate in a stress-free holiday. Like typical vacations, guests stay at a hotel but instead of spending most of their time seeing local sights and attractions, these vacationers stay in for massages and other relaxing activities. Spa vacations also can be about losing weight or improving health and can include detox, yoga, juice fasts, meditation, and high-energy activities such as tennis and skiing.

Canyon Ranch

Canyon Ranch in Lenox, Massachusetts, offers spa vacations focused on weight loss, health, medical education and relaxation. Guests stay for three, seven or 28 days and longer. Spa treatments include classic massage, touch and Asian therapies, body scrubs, and facials. Canyon Ranch offers indoor and outdoor pools, saunas, exercise facilities, hiking, skiing, kayaking, tennis and racquetball. Guests dine on meals made with fresh, organic and available local ingredients. Menus list calories, fat, fiber and protein so guests know what they're eating.

Copperhood Retreat and Spa

Copperhood Retreat and Spa in Shandaken, New York, offers vacations designed for relaxation and rejuvenation and to break food and substance addictions. Programs include detox, juice fasts, rapid weight loss, raw food therapy and Ayurvedic Pancha Karma, which cleanses the body of the effects of stress. Outdoor activities include hiking, biking, skiing, tennis and fishing. Guest meals include fresh and whole wheat ingredients and, when possible, organic and free-range meat and poultry. Programs last two to 21 days but longer stays can be arranged.

Martha's Vineyard Holistic Retreat

Martha's Vineyard Holistic Retreat in Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts, offers spa vacations to help visitors improve their health through physical and emotional cleansing. Vacationers can participate in the five-day quick-start program or the seven- to 21-day customized plan. Treatments include educational sessions, colon hydro therapy, lymphatic drainage massage, ionic foot baths, high heat detox and cellulite treatments. Spa guests are placed on a liquid diet of fresh vegetable juices, antioxidants, and green beverages and soups designed to cleanse the body.

The Lodge at Woodloch

The Lodge at Woodloch in Hawley, Pennsylvania, offers three- to seven-day preplanned spa vacations as well as customized packages. Vacationers can experience physical, mental and spiritual relaxation and rejuvenation through indoor and outdoor activities. This includes workshops, painting, cooking demos and wine tasting, yoga, meditation, aqua toning, kickboxing, hiking, snowshoeing, and golf and tennis. Tree is the name of the spa's restaurant and it is set among treetops. Meals include healthy, fresh, organic and locally grown items.

The Spa at Grand Lake

Guests of the Spa at Grand Lake in Lebanon, Connecticut, typically stay one to seven nights. Programs are designed for weight loss, fitness and relaxation. Spa activities and services include massage, energy work, hiking, belly dancing, Pilates and aquatic fitness classes. The spa also offers yoga, qigong and tai chi classes that focus on reducing stress and clearing the mind. Classes may include guided meditation. Meals at the spa are low fat and low calorie and include the freshest ingredients available.

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